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Omu Resort

Project type

Logo Redesign, Video AD Campaign.


Lagos, Nigeria.

The Omu Resort Video Ad Campaign and New Logo Design project is a comprehensive effort aimed at rejuvenating and reinvigorating the brand identity and marketing approach for Omu Resort, a prominent leisure and entertainment destination. This initiative encompasses two major components: the creation of a captivating video ad campaign and the development of a fresh, modern logo.

The heart of this project is the production of a compelling video ad campaign that showcases Omu Resort's diverse offerings and unique experiences. The campaign will utilize high-quality videography and storytelling to immerse viewers in the resort's enchanting world of adventure, leisure, and natural beauty. The video content will capture the essence of Omu Resort, highlighting its amusement park, wildlife sanctuary, waterpark, and other attractions, ultimately inspiring viewers to plan their visit. The campaign will be strategically optimized for various digital platforms, enabling broad reach and engagement with the target audience.

In addition to the video campaign, the project will involve the creation of a new logo that reflects Omu Resort's values, aspirations, and identity. The logo will encapsulate the resort's commitment to providing unforgettable experiences, embodying elements of fun, nature, and excitement. It will feature a modern design aesthetic, ensuring versatility across both digital and physical applications. The new logo will serve as the cornerstone of Omu Resort's refreshed brand identity, resonating with both loyal patrons and new visitors.

In summary, the Omu Resort Video Ad Campaign and New Logo Design project is a strategic endeavor to revitalize the resort's image and connect with a broader audience. Through an engaging video ad campaign and a contemporary logo, Omu Resort aims to reinforce its position as a premier destination for leisure and adventure, inspiring visitors to embark on memorable journeys within its enchanting grounds.

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